Tania Hadwa

Operations Manager and Area Coordinator

North/West Melbourne

A GP and Yoga teacher from Chile, Tania brings the perfect combination of medical expertise, while approaching support from a holistic view gained through her Yoga experiences. As a doctor she has worked with a wide variety of people with disabilities and has dived deep into a variety of alternative and complementary therapies. These experiences helped her develop our Well-being Model, which has shifted the focus of our services from Personal Training to the Wellness Support Company we are today. She is passionate about health & wellbeing and providing support that can progress and improve her client’s life experiences.

It wakes up the body, it keeps me moving, I feel less lazy. I love to sweat, love a work-out, love the people, love everything!

Northcote, Melbourne

I’m on the NDIS and I’m also learning to be a sports coach so I can run my own business. I feel supported and empowered, I also get a lot of exercise and learn to cook.  I enjoy the team and would love to work for Fitcare in the future. 

Carlton, Melbourne

I absolutely love the personal nature of the training sessions and I’ve seen a huge improvement in both my physical and mental wellbeing. Thanks to their amazing trainers and tailored programs, I’ve never felt stronger. I truly feel like a member of the Fitcare family. 

Malvern, Melbourne